Translation management system
designed to ease your outsourcing experience
Customer satisfaction
An extensive panel of tools is at your disposal to comfort your needs. You can chat with us anytime regarding your every need in terms of communication. We strongly believe in the value of your feedback. e-Client allows you to send us your feedback anytime with almost no effort. You can correct the terminology we use in your projects and even add new entries.
Project management
You'll have a clear image upon all translated files, accounting documents, and current project's status.
e-Client makes it so easy for you to set up specific project parameters, refine quality requirements, search and sort projects, and inspect the status of each project at any time of day.
File management
e-Client is a very stable platform when it comes to uploading and downloading files in your translation projects.
It enables you to transfer any file regardless of its size. Upon request, e-Client can also be set to archive the files in all your translation projects for an indefinite period of time.
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